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Working to revitalize Dormy
as an RA.

Dormy Hyakumanben
Entaro Aizawa, Kyoto University

In a nutshell! Why did you choose Dormy?
I lived in Nagoya after not getting into college but realized from experience that I needed to establish a rhythm in my life, so I chose a Dormy that offers meals. At first, I thought I would be here for a year or so, but I’ve stayed on because it’s easy to get into a routine, and it is so comfortable here.
Have your impressions changed after moving in?
I thought I'd be lonely because I didn't know anyone, but I made friends at Dormy right away, so I'm enjoying every day and living a life unique to a dorm.
How did you make friends?
They came up and talked to me in the common bathroom, so we became friends naturally. The bathroom here is very spacious and fun, so I talk to friends there often.
What do you usually talk about?
It's just silly chatter. We talk about our daily lives, like how our credits aren't looking so good or our clubs.
How are the meals?
They're super tasty.
What are your top three meals?
The first is the all-you-can-eat curry, followed by katsu cooked in broth and fish. I like the stewed fish and grilled fish.
You said you're an RA, but what made you choose to become one?
When I was getting ready to live at Dormy, I heard they were recruiting RAs. I thought it would be fun to associate with many people in communal life, so I applied to become an RA.
What exactly does an RA do?
We plan and implement social events such as the bowling tournament in 2018 and the five-a-side football tournament in 2019. We're discussing whether we can make day-to-day life, not just events, more exciting.
How has it been planning social events?
I learned how hard it is to gather people and that preparation is the key.
What kind of events would you like to do in the future?
Since I'm in a men-only dorm, I want to try a yaminabe*1. I read about it in a novel, and I want to experience it while I'm a student because students used to do it all the time in the old days.

Yaminabe: an event where participants add ingredients they bring to a pot for everyone to eat with the lights turned down low. The food is not the main objective, but to allow participants to get to know each other. The event has been held at university dormitories and other places for freshmen since the Meiji period (1868 - 1912).
What aspects of yourself do you think have changed since living in Dormy?
I've not changed in a good way. Although I live in a room by myself, I feel like I'm not living alone, so I'm living an active life in the same way, but in a good way.
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I must achieve it no matter what.
I must achieve itno matter what.

Dormy Kamogawa Koen
Ayaka Fujinawa, Doshisha University

You said you had lived abroad, but how did you find out about Dormy?
I lived in Tokyo just before entering university, and my parents had found out about Dormy. They brought me a pamphlet, and after talking with them about all sorts of options, I chose a female-only dorm that offers meals.
What did you think when you moved in?
When I was abroad, I watched Japanese anime and yearned for a Japanese way of life, so I was really looking forward to it. A year and a half later, I still feel that excitement.
Have you made friends since moving in?
Yes, I've made many.
How did you make friends?
We watched the same TV shows after supper in the dining room, and as we laughed out loud, we became friends and exchanged numbers.
How do you spend time with your friends?
We talk about daily happenings in the dining room, and on Sundays, we get together in our rooms to cook meals.
How have you found Kyoto?
I love it here! It was impossible to go around the city on foot in the U.S., where I lived for many years, because it's a car culture. Still, in Kyoto, you can go everywhere on foot. There are many historically important spots near the dorm that I enjoy.
Have you ever felt glad that meals are included?
They are very helpful, and I'm happy to have warm and tasty meals when I'm busy with exams or with my club or studies.
Are the manager and house matron kind?
They are always very kind and would speak to me when I tell them that I’m staying overnight somewhere. They were also very concerned and supportive when I had a high fever.
Have you participated in any social events?
I took part in a cooking event! It was so much fun. We made too many Tarte Tatin that we couldn't eat them all, so we gave some to the housemaster.
What aspects of yourself do you think have changed since living in Dormy?
I am increasingly able to talk to people of all ages. I feel that my communication skills have improved.
Last question: what is your favorite quote?
It's THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Since I was in primary school, I have been doing theater, and I love that quote. I love being on stage and would like to continue challenging myself in many different ways, including anime voice acting.
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