Dormy's Appeal


Meals at Dormy
are amazing!

  • point01 Daily meals are cooked by the house matron

    point 01

    Daily meals are cooked by the house matron

    Meals at Dormy are hand-prepared with love by the house matron, based on recipes devised by a professional registered dietician. You can enjoy breakfast and dinner that combine home-like comfort and nutritional balance. Our commitment to hearty cooking supports students' healthy day-to-day lives.

  • point02 管理栄養士による、おいしさと栄養バランスが両立したメニュー

    point 02

    Delicious and nutritionally balanced menu created by a registered dietician

    The menu is designed by a registered dietician, taking the students' views into account. It is worked out to make the meals not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced so that you can lead a healthy life. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes so that you never get bored of eating every day.

  • point03 食材の安心、鮮度、バリエーションへのこだわり

    point 03

    Commitment to food safety,
    freshness and variation.

    We are committed to using only in-season ingredients so that you can enjoy delicious foods at their peak. Ingredients are delivered to each Student Housing every morning in refrigerated vehicles. This ensures freshness and preserves the goodness of the ingredients. We are also particular about using transportation with freezing and cold storage technology to deliver good ingredients in the freshest condition.

Delicious every day! Menu examples

Safety and Security

Live-in husband and wife manager and matron
provide support

  • point01 初めての一人暮らしに寄り添い、支えてくれる

    point 01

    Providing support
    for your first solo living

    The manager and matron live on-site at Dormy to offer support, so you can live with peace of mind. They will always watch over you closely, accompanying you to the hospital when you are ill or receiving packages while you are out. The rooms also have self-locking front doors, and crime prevention seminars are held to ensure full security.

Strategies for
Safety and Security

  • Self-locking doors
    Self-locking doors
  • Surveillance cameras
    Surveillance cameras
  • AED設置
  • Crime prevention seminars
    Crime prevention seminars

On-call 24 hours a day,
365 days a year!

Noguchi Doctors Hotline


The Noguchi Doctors Hotline is a service with professional medical staff who can address health concerns and anxieties for Dormy residents.
*The Noguchi Doctors Hotline is operated by doctors and nurses registered with the Noguchi Medical Research Institute, an American foundation.

Consult example

  • Poor health
  • Looking for a hospital
  • Stress, etc.


Fully furnished and equipped means
you can start living
right away.

  • point01 お部屋のアレンジは自由自在!自分らしいこだわりの部屋に

    point 01

    You can lay out your room any way you like!
    Make your room uniquely you.

    The rooms are fully furnished with all the furniture and electrical appliance you need. This means you can enter the building with just one bag and start living right away, and it is economical because you will not need to pack much to move in.

Fully furnished
with all you need

  • Air-conditioning unit
    Air-conditioning unit
  • TV cable outlet
    TV cable outlet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bed
  • Curtains
  • Desk and chair
    Desk and chair
  • Closet
  • Bookcase
  • Lighting fixtures
    Lighting fixtures
  • Desk lamp
    Desk lamp
  • Microwave oven
    Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator


Enjoy spending time with friends
in the well-equipped
common room

  • point01 Everyone becomes friendly with each other in no time

    point 01

    Everyone becomes friendly with each other in no time

    Dormy has well-designed shared facilities such as a kitchen, a dining room, and common baths. These shared facilities are not only convenient but also places for socializing with friends.

Share with everyone! Shared facility examples

  • Dining room
    Dining room
  • Kitchen area
    Kitchen area
  • Common baths
    Common baths
  • Laundry room
    Laundry room

We have asked a manager and matron
about what they always keep in mind!

Mr. and Mrs. Hirata, Dormy Hyakumanben

Mr. and Mrs. Hirata, Dormy Hyakumanben

Building relationships where students feel easy
confiding at any time.

I always tell them not to hesitate to speak to me if they feel sick, even if it's late at night or early in the morning. We eat the same meals as everyone else every day. We sleep and wake up under the same roof and eat the same food, so there are things we understand.

If we have any concerns,
we discuss them and swap information.

We subtly observe them greeting us when they leave or return, whether they are eating properly, and so on. If something is concerns us, we talk about it when we have a break and swap information. We see ourselves as everyone's parent figures here.

Social Events

There are plenty of social events
throughout the year to strengthen personal ties!

Dormy offers many house-wide joint events and house events
based on the concept of connecting, learning, and having fun.

First is the spring welcome event for freshmen. You will get to know your fellow residents at once.
Many residents also participate in other events, including five-a-side soccer tournaments, baking events where everyone makes bread and pastries, and the Arashiyama-River Hozu Event, where residents take a boat ride down river Hozu, which is unique to Kyoto.

Why don't you enjoy socializing with friends from different schools and environments
through the events and expand your personal connections?


Freshmen Welcome Event

Freshmen Welcome Event

Freshmen Welcome Event
Arashiyama Hozu River Event


Arashiyama Hozu River Event

Arashiyama Hozu River Event

Dormy Cup (five-a-side soccer tournament)



Halloween Party

Baking Event

Halloween Party(Kansai area event)

Halloween Party


Christmas Pa

Christmas Party

Christmas Party
Christmas Party