• Dormy Mibu Sanjo Newly Opened
  • Dormy Nishioji Gojo Newly Opened
  • What's Dormy Like?
  • Introduction to Featured Schools
  • Dormy Mibu Sanjo Newly Opened
  • Dormy Nishioji Gojo Newly Opened
  • What's Dormy Like?
  • Introduction to Featured Schools

4 Key Points
for Living Comfortably

  • MealsMeals


    Hot meals with an emphasis
    on hand preparation

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  • Peace of Mind and SecurityPeace of Mind and Security

    Peace of Mind
    and Security

    Live-in husband and wife
    manager and matron
    provide support

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  • RoomsRooms


    Important space
    for alone time

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  • FacilitiesFacilities


    Well-equipped facilities
    to support your everyday life

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Common notes

  • An application form must be submitted
    *Full name (alphabetically and in kana and kanji if available), name of the school you are entering, tenancy period, and your choice of student dormitory.
  • We will inform you of a room vacancy at the time of your application, but you cannot choose a room.
  • You may not choose April as the agreement termination month.
  • Your room will be secured when you have had a VISA issued and your flight has been confirmed.
  • Documents required are:
    A copy of your passport and VISA.
    A copy of your student ID or admission certificate.
    An ID photo.
  • In principle, payment must be made by bank transfer (the tenant must bear the remittance charges).
  • A cancellation fee will be charged for applications canceled before the agreement period.
    *25,000 yen for one month to 15 days before the start of agreement, 50,000 yen up to the day before the start of the agreement, and no refund after the commencement of the agreement.

Short-term notes

  • Tenancy agreement for over one month to 91 days.
  • A lump-sum payment of all expenses during the agreement period is required prior to moving in.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made in the middle of the agreement period.
  • Room cleaning fees will incur if the agreement period exceeds 91 days due to agreement renewal.

Long-term notes

  • Tenancy agreement for over 91 days to one year.
  • A one-month notice is required for vacating the student dormitory in the middle of the agreement period.
  • If you vacate the student dormitory before the agreement period ends, the security deposit will be forfeited and retained by us as a penalty charge.
  • After moving into student dormitory, the monthly payment can be made at a convenience store or by opening a bank account in Japan for a direct debit.


  • We do not provide transfers between the airport and student dormitory.
  • Meals are provided as a part of the service, so the fees are charged even if you do not take them.
  • We cannot change ingredients or accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Bedding is not rented in our student dormitory.
    *Since it is not easy to buy bedding on the day you move in, please be sure to prepare in advance or apply for a lease.
  • You are still required to pay the rent and fees if you are away for an extended period, such as returning to your country, during the agreement period.
    *Rent and fees = student dormitory rent, electricity rates, communications facility charges.
  • The rent and fees will not be charged at a pro-rata rate no matter which date of the month you vacate the student dormitory.
  • You may not share your room or use it with your family.
  • The tenancy agreement is renewable, and there is no fee for renewing.
    *When renewing a tenancy, you may not specify April as the agreement termination month.
  • We do not accept cash or credit card payments.
  • The superintendent and management company staff basically communicate in Japanese. While some may be able to respond in English in some cases but not in other languages.

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